Primary 6/7

Weekly Timetable

Tuesday:      Assembly or Committees

Wednesday: PE, Music

Thursday:    PE

Friday:         Brass and woodwind groups

The Curriculum:   Language

Working within Curriculum for Excellence, First and Second Level

  • Writing will focus on a variety of genre including news articles, letter writing, imaginative stories, posters and leaflets, reports, poetry and Scots language.
  • In all areas punctuation, structure and use of vocabulary will be a    focus.
  • Spelling activities will focus on patterns and common words.
  • Reading activities will encourage a closer look at plot and themes, characters and settings, new vocabulary, summarising texts, skimming and scanning to find information, fact and opinion.
  • Cursive writing skills will be developed through handwriting lessons.

The Curriculum: Maths

Working within Curriculum for Excellence, First and Second Level

  • Practical activities will be used to explore all areas of Maths
  • Pupils will have opportunities for individual, paired and group work to develop skills in numbers sequences, decimals and fractions, algebra, money, measure, shape and information handling.
  • Mental maths and problem solving activities to develop confidence using different strategies.
  • Opportunities to explore maths outdoors and use ICT to  enhance learning.

Topics Being Covered

Social Studies: World War 2: The Home Front, The Scottish Parliament, Natural Disasters and Environmental Impact.

Science and Technology: Materials and Chemical Reactions, The Structure of the Earth, Climate Change, Sustainability and Water.

Health: Keeping Myself Safe, Building Resilience, Drugs Awareness, Road Safety,  Living and Growing (P6).

Whole School Focus Weeks

  • Water
  • Roald Dahl – Matilda
  • Outdoor Education Week at Lagganlia Outdoor Centre


Pupils will be issued a weekly homework sheet on Monday to be completed for Thursday. These will cover different areas of the curriculum.

At certain times, pupils will be given a homework wall where they can choose activities from maths, literacy and other curricular areas. They will be encouraged to bring in

evidence to show their learning. Each pupil will be given a date to feedback and present their work to the class. We will recommend useful websites and apps with the homework wall.

If your child is having difficulty completing set tasks, please encourage them to speak to their class teacher before the due date.

How You Can Help

Encourage your child to take responsibility for organising their resources and handing in homework on time.  This will help your child to become more independent as they move towards high school.

Pupils may require support with research topics.   Visits to the local library may help with this and will also provide your child with opportunities to read a range of genre for enjoyment.

Children are expected to bring a full PE kit on Wednesdays and Thursdays, to ensure comfort and full participation.