Primary 2

Weekly Timetable

Monday:                 PE

Tuesday:                PE

Thursday:              Music with Mrs Thomson (fortnightly)

The Curriculum:   Language

Children will be working within Curriculum for Excellence Early and First Level

  • Writing stories, reports, news articles, letters and posters.
  • Developing knowledge of common spelling patterns.
  • Developing knowledge and use of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
  • Developing fluency and expression in reading aloud.
  • Discussing the main elements of a story.
  • Identifying basic facts from non-fiction texts.
  • Developing writing skills through use of openers, different

connectives, punctuation and vocabulary.

The Curriculum: Maths

Children will be working within Curriculum for Excellence Early and First Level

  • Number processes such as place value, addition and subtraction,  multiplication and division
  • Information handling including bar graphs and tally charts
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Problem solving
  • Mental maths
  • Money
  • Fractions
  • Time, season, days, months
  • Grid references
  • Angles, symmetry

Topics Being Covered

  • Road Safety
  • Health Education
  • Science—Sound, energy, forces, living and non living things, movement of the sun, moon and stars
  • School focus weeks< Eco, French, Craigentinny and Health
  • Opportunities for Experimentation
  • Taking Care of My Body


  • Christmas Crafts
  • Bee Bots
  • Make a PowerPoint
  • Making a musical instrument


  • Christianity, Sikhism

All of our topics will be undertaken through an interdisciplinary approach to learning


Homework is issued on a Monday.   Please complete a reading and literacy task nightly Monday—Thursday and a maths activity once a week.

Occasional homework relating to topics being covered.

How You Can Help

We would ask that you actively support your child with their homework and encourage them to discuss learning and activities that have taken place in class.   We would also be grateful if you could supervise and sign completed homework.

It would be extremely useful if you could put name labels on your child’s possessions such as school sweatshirt and gym shoes.

Please provide your child with a healthy snack and water bottle daily.