Primary 3

Weekly Timetable

Tuesday:       Assembly/Committees

Wednesday:  PE – Miss Wheatley, Music – Ms Benson

Friday:          PE – Miss Wheatley

The Curriculum: Language

The children  will be working within Curriculum for Excellence, first level

  • Reading a variety of texts, including stories, plays, poetry and non-fiction texts.
  • Writing in a range of different genres, including posters, leaflets, instructions, imaginative stories, reports, imagined personal response and poetry.
  • Using VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) to  improve their writing.
  • Developing knowledge of spelling patterns and common words.
  • Developing talking and listening skills through discussions with talking partners and class presentations.

The Curriculum: Maths

The children will be working within Curriculum for Excellence, first level.

Our SEAL maths approach will include work on place value, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Children will also be involved in activities supporting their understanding of shape, position and movement, information handling, measure, fractions, money and finance and time.

Topics Being Covered

  • Scottish Inventors
  • Our Local Area
  • Food and Farming
  • Weather and Climate

Whole School Topics

  • Scottish Book Week
  • Roald Dahl Focus Week
  • Cluster Water Focus
  • Resilience Health and Wellbeing Programme


Homework is given on Mondays to be handed in by Thursdays.

Reading and spelling will be done in class, however the children may have unread pages to take home.

How You Can Help

Please ensure your child arrives at school on time every day.   Children are able to concentrate on their work if they are rested and enjoy a healthy diet.   Please help them with this by ensuring they go to bed early and encouraging them to bring a healthy snack to school.