Attendance and Absence


Our school has an automated communication system that will contact you directly if your child is marked absent at registration.     It is therefore of the utmost importance that you inform the school of any change to contact details. This will ensure that the reason for the absence is known as soon as possible and alert you if your child is not in school when they should be.  It is your responsibility to inform the school.

On the first day of illness please telephone the school before 9.30 am on the following telephone number – 0131 661 2749 choose option 1.

Please give a reason for absence and estimated length of absence.

If your child is still absent after three days please telephone the school to give an update.

Your child’s health and safety is of paramount importance to all of us.    It is with this understanding that I know you will fully support the school in carrying out these procedures.

If your child has an appointment please inform the school.